MBA students from the University of St. Thomas’s Integrated Marketing Communications class and Express Yourself Clothing teamed up in the summer of 2012 for the benefit of both parties.
The partnership began with the need for a new marketing plan for EYC. The goal of the campaign was to simply increase desirable clothing donations but what developed was an impressive, creative plan to challenge corporate women to ‘Be the One’ who inspire young high school women to take charge of their futures. “Lending influence, mending futures. Be the One.” Look for more about this corporate challenge in the not too distant future.

Express Yourself Photoshoot

Follow the EY Girlz during their day on Grand Ave, snapping pictures of adorable outfits all found at Express Yourself Clothing! Like what you see? Come check out the store! One block west of Lexington on Selby Ave!

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       Express Yourself Clothing store is a youth directed social enterprise. All revenue from the store is reinvested back into the Youth Express Program.
       The program provides job skills training and employment opportunities that develop the entrepreneurial, work and leadership potential of youth.
       Youth Express is a program of Keystone Community Services. Learn more…